The Community Access Project for Eureka, better known as CAPE, is a project that helps support the City of Eureka’s Community Services Department offering quality of life services, programs and activities populations experiencing barriers.  CAPE Media is a new division of CAPE that produces community focused content, and human interest stories to inform, educate, entertain and inspire those who live in our community, and those who want to get to know our community.

This Month In Eureka Rec

Have you ever wondered what goes into putting together city wide community events, sports leagues and programs?  Is our job really anything like the Parks & Recreation TV show? Well, now you can find out.  Join Recreation Supervisor Ashley Taylor, along with co-host Scott "Q" Marcus, as they give you a behind the scenes peek at what goes into creating community wide recreation programs, as well as give a preview and details of all the upcoming activities and events each month.

This Time I Mean It

Drug addiction, weight gain, relationship problems….we’re all trying our best to be our best self and get past the things that are holding us back.  Motivational Speaker, Author and columnist, Scott "Q" Marcus brings his decades of experience to Eureka to talk to community members about their stories of trying to overcome adversity, achieve their goals and get past the painful behaviors that hold them back.  This is…This Time I Mean It! The podcast.

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EPD Ride Along

The Eureka Police Department are the men and woman who risk their lives each day to protect and serve the members of our community.  Now, get exclusive access to what it’s like on the front line.  Each month we take a ride along with a different police officer to find out their story, and what it’s like serving on the Eureka Police Department.  This is…EPD Ride Along.

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Eureka Entrepreneur

Every business has its own story.  Each month, Humboldt Made Executive Director Alanna Powell sits down with the people who put their blood, sweat and tears into making their dreams come true.  These are the stories behind Eureka’s businesses, this is…Eureka Entrepreneur.

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